On regular bases we transport horses to and from Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.We make a distinction between collective horse transport and private horse transport. When it concerns a collective transport, we transport your horse together with horses from third parties to the place of destination. With private transport you can state when the horse or horses must be transported.

Shared loads

Transport with horses of third parties, within a reasonable time.

We always provide shared loads within a reasonable time. We offer weekly trips to and from Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Naturally, other destinations such as Austria, Italy, France and Spain are also possible, but may take a while longer.

In case of a shared load, we collect the horses in a round-trip through the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, after which the horses are taken care of at our facility. If necessary, they are tested for the EU Health Certificate, after which they are transported to their destination. If it’s necessary, we have sereval overnight stables where we can stop. The horses can eat and rest after at least 9 hours we continue the horse transport fit and vital.

Private transport

Completely composed according to your wishes.

In case of private transportation we transport your horse or horses to the destination desired directly. Private transportation is often requested in case of going to a competition or clinic, when the owner wishes the horse to be transported by itself or if there is no time to wait for shared transport.

We also prefer this method of transport when moving a complete stable, for example. In this way we can tailor the entire horse transport to the horse or the horses and owners