Located at the northen part of the netherlands. Here you will find all the necessary facilities that we need. We give you a small impression of what our accommodation looks like.

The top view of HDV Horse Transport. On the photo you see the main accommodation, closed stable buildings, the horse walker, the outside lane, the meadow, parking lot.

Overnight Stabling

We also offer the possibility for horse transporters to stay overnight with us. The spacious parking offers enough space to park your horse truck. Canteen and toilet are located in the main building. We have various compartments with horse boxes in which the horses can be stabled. The horses are provided with roughage and water. It is also possible to store the horse or horses longer with us. Our horse accommodation offers opportunities for exercise and training if it’s necessary. We can also transport your horse and/or horses to further destination.

In the main building of HDV Horse Transport there are 20 stables. In the two closed off buildings there are 10 stables. We also have 2 group stables which can accommodate 10 horses and/or ponies.

The indoor riding arena 45 x 25 is located in the main building of HDV Horse Transport. The hall can be used during all weather conditions to give the horses exercise and/or training.

The spacious horse walker is located right next to the main complex. Here the horses can walk through the paved surface in all seasons and at the same time get a breath of fresh air.

The spacious grooming area where the horses are prepared for horse transport. Closed tack rooms and toilet are located adjacent to the cleaning area.

“The wall of fame” in the canteen. This is located in the main building, which offers a view of the inner riding hall, the stables, the meadow and the parking lot where the horses are loaded onto the horse truck.